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Indianapolis is not only the state capital of Indiana but it is also the largest city in the state with a 2014 population of over 840,000 residents. Those who own real estate in this capital enjoy an exciting lifestyle complete with different types of arts, entertainment and employment. This is a diverse city with varying beliefs, politics and activities. If you have been searching for properties in a location that offers a little of everything, then this central Indiana city is likely the right fit for you. Contact Jeneene West realty today through email, phone or just by stopping in; she is here to help you find the right home in the perfect location.


This central Indiana city was not the first choice for the capital city. In fact, the only reason it became the capital was because in 1820 the city was formed to become a major transportation hub due to the location on the banks of the White River. While the city did eventually become a hub, it was not because of the river as the banks proved to be too sandy for effective travel. Today, the international airport is one of the busiest airports in the country, bringing in passengers and cargo from all over the world.

Parks Recreation and Sports in Indy


Indy, as most people involved in sports calls the city, is a city that revolves around sports all year long. In total, there are 10 professional and 2 collegiate sports teams throughout the city including football, basketball, hockey and minor league baseball. In addition, the Fever, a part of the WNBA, began playing in this city back in 2000 bringing a whole new element of sports to the city. Car racing is also another big part of the city, even naming a type of race car after the city, the Indy Car.

The Indy Parks and Recreation Departments provide access to 206 city maintained parks as well as 5 different aquatic centers throughout the city. Youth camps, little leagues and golf courses are just a few of the activities offered through the department. There are also opportunities for the four legged members of your family as well as there are four different off-leash dog parks throughout the city. The season passes for all parks are available at an affordable price through the parks and rec department.

Activities and Attractions


There is always a new adventure waiting for you in Indy. Whether you are looking for arts in the park or sporting events, there is always something waiting for you. To find the latest happenings throughout town, you can go here where you will find a calendar of events offered by parks and rec or you can go here to input what you are looking for and when and a list of available events will appear.

Indy is the 3rd largest city in the entire Midwest so it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular places for people to relocate to. When you contact Janeene West realty for your real estate needs, they will find you the homes that will fit into exactly what you have been looking for, your taste, your price and your perfect place to call home.

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